Tuesday, 4 August 2015

August Ambition

In my July Favourites post I mentioned that I intend to take action this month in order to be better able to protect myself. It all sounds a bit wordy. Because I hadn't exactly decided what this was or what it meant when I wrote it.

Here’s the thing, I’ve had a fairly easy Summer. Yes, there have been highs and lows, but I’ve managed.

But I’m anxious about what will happen after the Summer. Some post-summer blues if you will.

Here’s what I fear:

- Back to working two jobs will cause me stress given the few months of relative ease I’ve had,
- There’ll be less time to socialise and see my friends,
- I won’t have my weekends free,
- Not that the weather’s been great, but a negative change in weather does affect my mood,
- Confrontation with issues I’ve avoided (No I will not clarify this statement),
- I’ll feel alone when I’m not technically alone anymore. (You know how you can be surrounded by people but still feel alone? That feeling scares me so much)

So, August is about me building up my defenses. Doing little things now to better protect my mental health in the long run. I honestly do believe that you can strengthen your deference to minimise the chances of a down spell. And that’s what I plan to do.

Here’s the self care plan:

- Research online mindfulness courses.
- Colour.
- Read self-help books.
- Drink more water, because you aren’t very good at that.
- Journal all your troubles away. I’m serious Zoe, WRITE.
- Create a list of crafts to do in Autumn.
- Finish off your Summer To Do List.
- Work on your confidence.
- Celebrate your little victories.
- Plan and Schedule (because I know you like nothing more than a good scheduling..)
- Read something inspiring.
- Write a list of what you’re thankful for.
- And you can reward yourself with some new autumn wardrobe pieces, deal?

I don’t think it’s pre-emptive to plan for the worst. Not when you have a serious mental illness. Or, not ever. I truly believe it’s better to be prepared. You don’t go into war without the pre-required training first. It’s like learning first aid, just in case you ever need it.

So my August Ambition is to up my training and defenses, and be prepared for whatever may come my way in the Autumn.

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  1. Lovely post, and a great plan. Planning and scheduling is key to not stressing about things. Just take it all a day at a time. :) x